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Week 52(2016)

UX Prototypes: Low Fidelity vs. High Fidelity by Kara Pernice
Fjord Trends 2017 | The Curious Brain by Fjord
Design Systems' Role in the Evolution of Enterprise User Experience - DESIGNBRIEF by Jan Jursa
Proto-journey: A Lean UX Customer Journey Map by Jamie Caloras
Conversational UI Principles — Complete Process of Designing a Website Chatbot – The Startup – Medium by Leszek Zawadzki
The best new UX Books from the last 3 years by Fabricio Teixeira
Animation in Design Systems ◆ 24 ways by Sarah Drasner
Introducing Auto-Layout for Sketch – Design + Sketch – Medium by Anima App
50 UX Metrics, Methods & Measurement Articles from 2016: MeasuringU by Jeff Sauro
Designing Progressive Web Applications for the Future « Boxes and Arrows by Mark Pedersen
Design Thinking & Compassion: A Perfect Pairing | Cooper by Parneet Pal and Shahrzad Samadzadeh
Das sind die wichtigsten Erfolgskriterien für eine gute Zusammenarbeit | t3n by Lukas große Klönne
Product Flow — What Product Management can learn from Psychology by Sebastian Lindemann
The UX Professionals’ Guide to Working with Agile Scrum Teams « Boxes and Arrows by Aviva Rosenstein
Our Product Design Process – XD Studio – Medium by Asis Patel
Best Practices for Minimalist Design by Nick Babich