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Articles worth reading about Product Design, Service Design, User Experience, Usability and the digital economy. Recommended by Johannes Dornisch.

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Week 50(2016)

Medium’s Best Design Writing of 2016 by Daniel Eckler
The Design Process by Pablo Stanley
In Defense of Homogeneous Design – Medium by Yaron Schoen
Digital Product Design Principles by Wouter de Bres
Designing More Efficient Forms: Structure, Inputs, Labels and Actions by Nick Babich
Designing smart notifications by Elliot Dahl
Mobile is eating the world by Benedict Evans
Best Practices for Cards by Nick Babich
Researching Design Systems by Dan Mall
How Creating A Design Language Can Streamline Your UX Design Process by Kyle Cassidy
What's your Product's primary Business Job? by Tim Herbig
Product Manager vs. Product Owner Revisited by Marty Cagan
Intro to the 8-Point Grid System by Elliot Dahl