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Week 48(2016)

Use these powerful research techniques to understand what motivates your users by Misael Leon
UX Research: 7 Reasons B&H Photo's Mobile Site is Best-in-Class by Christian Holst
Basic principles for designing voice user interfaces by Cathy Pearl
Design Assets, Version Control, and You by Paul Demers
Inside the 21st-Century Craze for Redesigning Everything by Rob Walker
How to E-Mail a Busy Person & get a Reply by Tobias van Schneider
Principle for Pros 💯 by Joe Toscano⚡️
Best Practices for Microinteractions by Nick Babich
Planning Product Discovery by Marty Cagan
The dangers of delightful design by John Saito
The State of UX in 2017 by Fabricio Teixeira and Caio Braga
Mobile Design Best Practices by Nick Babich