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Week 3(2017)

How To Be Calm Under Pressure: 3 Secrets From A Bomb Disposal Expert by Eric Barker
Munich Tech Map by Emma Tracey
Elon Musk, Clayton Christensen, Steve Jobs, Eric Ries, Dale Carnegie & ich bauen ein Produkt | by Taner Kizilok
Bring Your Own Team – Still Day One – Medium by Matthias Schrader
User-Centered Design in agilen Entwicklungsprozessen – Medium by Maurice Hofmann
Saving you bandwidth on Google+ through machine learning by John Nack
Three Superpowers of a Product Manager - MindTheProduct by Silvia Thom
Best Practices for Onboarding by Nick Babich
The mobile app gold rush may be over | TechCrunch by Sarah Perez
How the future of the user interface will redefine your job by Paul Boag