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Articles worth reading about Product Design, Service Design, User Experience, Usability and the digital economy. Recommended by Johannes Dornisch.

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Parental Leave List(2017)


because of my parental leave and having a really good time with my wife and three kids i didn't make it to update my list on a regular base. My apologies. As a little compensation i’d like to share with you the books i read during my leave:


Transformationle Produkte by Matthias Schrader
Service Design for Business: A Practical Guide to Optimizing the Customer Experience by Ben Reason, Lavrans Løvlie, Melvin Brand Flu
Die Kunst des klaren Denkens: 52 Denkfehler, die Sie besser anderen überlassen by Rolf Dobelli
Musterbrecher by Stefan Kaduk, Dirk Osmetz, Hans A. Wüthrich, Dominik Hammer


People Don’t Want Something Truly New, They Want the Familiar Done Differently. by Nir Eyal
No Free Pitches by 99u with Erik Spiekermann
Design as Strategy by Adi Ignatius
Our New Head of Service Design: On the state of the industry, its value, and why Capital One by Adaptive Path with Kendra Shimmell
A Brief Overview On Responsive Navigation Patterns by Chris Poteet
Storyboarding in UX Design – UX Planet by Nick Babich
Everyone is a designer and everyone should be sketching by Rizwan Javaid
Everyone is a designer and everyone should be sketching by Rizwan Javaid
Designing Culture: Creating Design Aware Organizations by Linn Wittster
Fuchsia, Google’s Experimental Mobile OS, Solves Glaring Problems That Apple Doesn’t Get by Cliff Kuang
Dropdowns: Design Guidelines by Angie Li
User Story Map: the first UX map in a product’s life by Peter W. Szabo
Responsive Design in Sketch by Emin Inanc Unlu
Building design process within teams by Jules Cheung
Dead Simple Techniques for Using Branding in UI by Christian Beck
The right way to ask the right research questions by Emma Meehan
The Minimum Viable Design System by Marcin Treder
The Next Generation Wireframes are Microframes by Marcin Treder
People Don't Buy Your Product, They Buy Your Story by Michael Margolis
Applying Product Principles to Guide Better Product Decisions by Nir Gazit
Ikea And Apple May Be Cooking Up The Next Big Thing In Retail by Mark Wilson
Pitch dich selbst! by Nicolai Goschin
Product Manager vs. Product Owner by Melissa Perri
Applying systems thinking in product design by Shekman Tang
How to Make Use of the User Centered Design Canvas by Anna Kulawik
How To Do Great Design Research Anywhere on Earth by Jan Chipchase
The Consumer Behaviors Shaping the Next Generation of Mobile Experiences by Jason Spero
The Psychology Principles Every UI/UX Designer Needs to Know by Thanasis Rigopoulos
If acquisition is easy, retention can be too by Geoffrey Keating
How the Largest Apps by Revenue Ace User Onboarding by Apptimize
The Evolution of UI/UX Designers Into Product Designers by Nick Babich