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Here you’ll find my archive of my saved articles. Additionally feel free to check out my pinboard bookmarks.

Week 47(2016)

Taking Pattern Libraries To The Next Level by Vitaly Friedman
How Design Thinking Transformed Airbnb from a Failing Startup to a Billion Dollar Business in First Round Review
Is the Ringelmann Effect Holding You Back? by Tobias van Schneider
Meister der Nische by Dietmar H. Lamparter
Designing the new Uber App by Didier Hilhorst
Jobs-to-be-done (JTBD) Interviewfragen by Jan Jursa
Cameras, ecommerce and machine learning by Benedict Evans
How to use a User Storyboard Template by Tim Herbig
A Practical Model for Jobs To Be Done by Jim Kalbach
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Doing What You Love by James Altucher

Week 46(2016)

The Myth of Invisible Design by Dan Saffer
How to analyze customer feedback and make it actionable by Sian Townsend
Progress Bars vs. Spinners: When to Use Which by anthony - ux movement
From mobile first to mobile native by Benedict Evans
From mobile first to mobile native by Benedict Evans
Mobile Design Best Practices by Nick Babich
An agile design prototype is worth a thousand user stories by Alastair Simpson

Week 45(2016)

Bye, Bye Burger! by Sebastian Lindemann
This Product Prioritization System Nabbed Pandora 70 Million Monthly Users with Just 40 Engineers by First Round
Five Mistakes Clients Make with an Agency when Building Mobile Applications by Luka Abrus

Week 44(2016)

How to find your perfect color pairings — Introducing ColorClaim by Tobias van Schneider
Great Product Design is Also About Avoiding Bad User Experiences by Luis Mizutani
Medienwandel und Gesellschaft 4.0: Die vielfache Vertreibung aus dem Paradies by Dirk Baecker
Culture beats strategy by Birgit Käsbeck
The Complete Guide to the Kano Model - Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction and Delight by Daniel Zacarias
20 Product Prioritization Techniques: A Map and Guided Tour by Daniel Zacarias
How Jobs to be Done shaped Uber's latest App Update by Tim Herbig
Ask to understand: A list of questions for the curious designer by Justin Farrugia
Designing Confirmation by Andrew Coyle
Design of Design Sprints - Tipps für den erfolgreichen Design Sprint Master by Inken Petersen

Week 43(2016)

Concept Mapping for Designers of the Future by Eric Knudtson
Getting the Job Done by Ken Norton
Bringing Together Personas, Jobs To Be Done, and Customer Journey Maps by Shahrzad Samadzadeh
Three Key Lessons About Mobile User Experience Design by Joanna Ngai

Week 42(2016)

Space in Design Systems by Nathan Curtis
Service design: Isn’t it just UX with a different name? by Sanjay Poyzer
So you have an app idea, eh? by Robleh Jama
Finding Better Mobile Analytics by Eduard Khorkov
How People Use Their Devices – Think with Google by think with Google
Generalists vs. Specialists (and Unicorns) by Product Manager Club

Week 41(2016)

Agile vs Lean vs Design Thinking by Jeff Gothelf
Talk: Obvious Always Wins by Luke Wroblewski
How To Design With Discipline: UX Lessons From 3M by Jerry Cao
Designing Card-Based User Interfaces by Nick Babich

Week 38-40(2016)

Why tracking less got VSCO more - The Signal by Justin Megahan
4 Common Misconceptions about Jobs To Be Done (JTBDs) by Jim Kalbach
Product Design for Sustainability Artiom Dashinsky
Good Product Manager/Bad Product Manager by Ben Horowitz
Strategies for onboarding new users by Nate Munger
How to rethink the Design process, fail, reflect and iterate by Dan Nessler
It’s always your fault by DHH
Designed for Growth by Marco Suarez
Who Will Be the First Online Fashion Retailer With a Mobile-Fueled Events Strategy? by Marcel Weiß
The killer feature of messaging no one’s talking about by Benjamin Keyser
Design for relevance, then usability by Jack Wheeler
The 7 essentials of successful survey design by Fred Van Bennekom

Week 37(2016)

GAME OVER für Gamification by Susi Augustin
Hands-on prototyping: a walk-through guide by Germaine Satia
Ways We Work – Geoff Teehan Interview by Matt Quinn & Amandah Wood
What software companies can learn from shopping centers by Hugh Durkin
Product/market fit in complex markets: an experience from cleantech by Joseph Aamidor

Week 36(2016)

The Agile Manifesto for Designers by Andrew Croce
Mobile UX Design Approaches: Workshops by Steven Hoober
Why design principles shape stronger products by Jessie Chen
Cognitive bias cheat sheet – Better Humans by Buster Benson