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Here you’ll find my archive of my saved articles. Additionally feel free to check out my pinboard bookmarks.

Week 4(2017)

Faking it = Making it - DESK of Tobias van Schneider by Tobias van Schneider
How To Get A Head Start On Design System by Wen Wang
8pt Material Design GUI Templates – Medium by Joel Beukelman
The Type Snob by Pablo Stanley
Design for internationalization – Dropbox Design – Medium by John Saito
Intro to the 8-Point Grid System – Built to Adapt – Medium by Elliot Dahl
Using science to make truly tappable user interfaces - Scott Hurff's Blog by Scott Hurff
8 product managers share trends and goals for 2017 - Roadmunk Blog by Tarif Rahman
The Archetypes of UX Design by Christian Beck
Mein Blick auf User Experience in 2017 | User Experience Blog by Ulf Schubert
From roadmap to shipping: effective product management for remote teams | Postmark by Rian Van Der Merwe
Shh! Don’t Tell Them There’s No Magic In Design Thinking UX Articles by UIE by Jared Spool
Let's Talk Design Patterns - Interview with Peter Boersma by Wolf Brüning
Weak Words Kill Experiences by Cassius Kiani
How to use colors in UI Design by Wojciech Zieliński

Week 3(2017)

How To Be Calm Under Pressure: 3 Secrets From A Bomb Disposal Expert by Eric Barker
Munich Tech Map by Emma Tracey
Elon Musk, Clayton Christensen, Steve Jobs, Eric Ries, Dale Carnegie & ich bauen ein Produkt | by Taner Kizilok
Bring Your Own Team – Still Day One – Medium by Matthias Schrader
User-Centered Design in agilen Entwicklungsprozessen – Medium by Maurice Hofmann
Saving you bandwidth on Google+ through machine learning by John Nack
Three Superpowers of a Product Manager - MindTheProduct by Silvia Thom
Best Practices for Onboarding by Nick Babich
The mobile app gold rush may be over | TechCrunch by Sarah Perez
How the future of the user interface will redefine your job by Paul Boag

Week 1(2017)

The Best And Worst User Interfaces Of 2016 | Co.Design | business + design by Mark Wilson
The Three Jobs of Product Management by Christina Wodtke
UX Minimum Checklist: the things every product team should do by David Pasztor
How to Annotate and Document UX Deliverables | UX Booth by Jennifer Leigh Brown
Why do we estimate and can we do without? – XING Engineering – Medium by Albina Popova
Designing Features Using Jobs To Be Done by Alan Klement
The 30 Best Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs in 2016 | First Round Review by Alejandro Garcia Ibanez

Week 52(2016)

UX Prototypes: Low Fidelity vs. High Fidelity by Kara Pernice
Fjord Trends 2017 | The Curious Brain by Fjord
Design Systems' Role in the Evolution of Enterprise User Experience - DESIGNBRIEF by Jan Jursa
Proto-journey: A Lean UX Customer Journey Map by Jamie Caloras
Conversational UI Principles — Complete Process of Designing a Website Chatbot – The Startup – Medium by Leszek Zawadzki
The best new UX Books from the last 3 years by Fabricio Teixeira
Animation in Design Systems ◆ 24 ways by Sarah Drasner
Introducing Auto-Layout for Sketch – Design + Sketch – Medium by Anima App
50 UX Metrics, Methods & Measurement Articles from 2016: MeasuringU by Jeff Sauro
Designing Progressive Web Applications for the Future « Boxes and Arrows by Mark Pedersen
Design Thinking & Compassion: A Perfect Pairing | Cooper by Parneet Pal and Shahrzad Samadzadeh
Das sind die wichtigsten Erfolgskriterien für eine gute Zusammenarbeit | t3n by Lukas große Klönne
Product Flow — What Product Management can learn from Psychology by Sebastian Lindemann
The UX Professionals’ Guide to Working with Agile Scrum Teams « Boxes and Arrows by Aviva Rosenstein
Our Product Design Process – XD Studio – Medium by Asis Patel
Best Practices for Minimalist Design by Nick Babich

Week 51(2016)

The freelancer and the entrepreneur – The Startup – Medium by Seth Godin
How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds Medium by Tristan Harris
The Mobile Design Elements That You Have to A/B Test by Momchil Kyurkchiev
Unsere letzte Erfindung? | Technology Review by Paul Ford
The Lean UX Canvas | Perception Is The Experience by Jeff Gotthelf
Warum Mitarbeitergespräche was für schlechte Köche sind - Lars Vollmer by Lars Vollmer
26 KPIs zum Messen der Mobile Customer Journey by Dennis Herzberger

Week 50(2016)

Medium’s Best Design Writing of 2016 by Daniel Eckler
The Design Process by Pablo Stanley
In Defense of Homogeneous Design – Medium by Yaron Schoen
Digital Product Design Principles by Wouter de Bres
Designing More Efficient Forms: Structure, Inputs, Labels and Actions by Nick Babich
Designing smart notifications by Elliot Dahl
Mobile is eating the world by Benedict Evans
Best Practices for Cards by Nick Babich
Researching Design Systems by Dan Mall
How Creating A Design Language Can Streamline Your UX Design Process by Kyle Cassidy
What's your Product's primary Business Job? by Tim Herbig
Product Manager vs. Product Owner Revisited by Marty Cagan
Intro to the 8-Point Grid System by Elliot Dahl

Week 49(2016)

How To Conduct “Engaging” Design Reviews by Pablo Stanley
A Case Study on Remote Moderated User Testing by Shannon Copfer Brace
Why Design – The Year of the Looking Glass by Julie Zhuo
Modern Project Management for Product Managers by Sachin Rekhi
Intuitive Design vs. Shareable Design by Josh Elman
Intuitive Design vs. Shareable Design by Josh Elman

Week 48(2016)

Use these powerful research techniques to understand what motivates your users by Misael Leon
UX Research: 7 Reasons B&H Photo's Mobile Site is Best-in-Class by Christian Holst
Basic principles for designing voice user interfaces by Cathy Pearl
Design Assets, Version Control, and You by Paul Demers
Inside the 21st-Century Craze for Redesigning Everything by Rob Walker
How to E-Mail a Busy Person & get a Reply by Tobias van Schneider
Principle for Pros 💯 by Joe Toscano⚡️
Best Practices for Microinteractions by Nick Babich
Planning Product Discovery by Marty Cagan
The dangers of delightful design by John Saito
The State of UX in 2017 by Fabricio Teixeira and Caio Braga
Mobile Design Best Practices by Nick Babich